Katja Kettler / e.l.l.i./ KETTLER is a female Musician, Music Producer and Visual Artist currently living and working in Berlin. She graduated from Technical University Dresden, where she studied Musicology / Popular Music Studies. She has produced, composed and conceptualized music for a variety of projects including theater, church and dance. KETTLER is her new Label for more serious art music. She plays Theremin, Flute, Recorder and is a Singer. She is playing Solo-Live-Electronics and is part of the Projects Laminat and Åkadæmage.

The primary focus of her work are the various and changing relationships between humans and the environment, in times of digitalization and change. As a musician she is interested in electronic music as a performance and various relations between the musician, the sound and the audience.

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2019 ÅkaDæmage
2018 We are war
Without a Body
2017 Faith love hope
Anything Solid